Matthew Hayes
Cinematographer Photographer 3D Artist FIlmmaker

Based in Liverpool & London
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Recent projects

Worse than Monsters

Recently, I was Director of Photography for a fantasy film, Worse than Monsters. Nox and Ianna have one goal: become ‘Slayers’, highly regarded bounty hunters who help the world by killing monsters. However, their interntions begin to fade when they start ripping off and threatening those that thye should be protecting, and it’s not long before they targets on their own back.

Upcoming Projects

Total Eclipse of the Sun

In 1989, a time of severe social and political turmoil within Liverpool, the sun newspaper dishonestly reported about the Hillsborough disaster. After 30 years of boycotting, the Sun newspaper has been outright banned in the city of Liverpool. This documentary is going to explore how the report personally affected the people of Liverpool as well as the socio-political factors that played a hand in the boycott.

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